UPLIZNA® (inebilizumab) Pregnancy Registry

Do you have neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD)? Are you or have you been pregnant? Have you taken UPLIZNA® (inebilizumab) in the 6 months before getting pregnant or any time during your pregnancy? If so, you may be able to take part in this registry. Get in touch with the coordinating center to learn more.

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About pregnancy and NMOSD

The ways in which new medications affect pregnancy outcomes are often unknown because pregnant women are rarely included in the clinical research studies that evaluate potential new treatments. Pregnancy registries aim to collect information about new medications being used during pregnancy. This information could support women and their healthcare providers in making more informed decisions about using those medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding in the future.

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What is the UPLIZNA Pregnancy Registry?

The UPLIZNA Pregnancy Registry is for women with NMOSD who are or have been pregnant while taking UPLIZNA® (inebilizumab). This is defined as taking inebilizumab within the 6 months before getting pregnant or at any time during pregnancy. A pregnancy registry is an observational study that gathers information about participants without providing any additional treatments or medications.

The purpose of this pregnancy registry is to learn more about the health of pregnant women who have received inebilizumab and the health of their babies. During their participation in the registry, participants will be asked to share information about their health, their pregnancy and breastfeeding (if applicable), and their baby’s health. Participants will not be required to take any additional or investigational medications other than the medications they already take as part of their routine care. There will be no additional medical visits or tests.

The UPLIZNA Pregnancy Registry aims to gather information about how pregnancies and babies may be affected by the use of UPLIZNA during pregnancy or shortly before conception. The study information may help pregnant women who take UPLIZNA® (inebilizumab) in the future.

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Have questions?

Have questions?

Have questions?

Visit the FAQs section for the answers to common questions that you may have about the UPLIZNA Pregnancy Registry.


Am I eligible?

You may be able to take part in this registry if you:

1 have diagnosed or suspected NMOSD


2 have taken inebilizumab within the 6 months before getting pregnant or at any time during your pregnancy.

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Information for patients

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Information for healthcare providers

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How do I participate?

Call the coordinating center at 1 (303) 724-4644

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Contact the coordinating center by email:

For the latest important safety information, please refer to the full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide. This is not intended to replace discussions with your healthcare provider.